Walking at Dùn Coillich

  • Schiehallion from Dùn Coillich
  • Fencing Dùn Coillich
  • Caddis Fly Larva: Dùn Coillich
  • Prominent Moth Caterpillar DC 20170905
  • Fungus Hunt Dùn Coillich August 2017
  • Fencing volunteers in 2013 — Dùn Coillich
  • Dyke building Sep 2017
  • Schiehallion from Dùn Coillich
  • Small pearl fritillary Dùn Coillich
  • Great Diving Beetle (Dytiscus marginalis) Dùn Coillich
  • Bracken Harvest: Dùn Coillich
  • Joint working party with John Muir Trust in 2013 — at Dùn Coillich
  • First Aid Rural Skills 3
  • Braes of Foss working party 20170309 Dùn Coillich
  • White Dome Cap Fungus Dùn Coillich
  • White Dome Cap Dùn Coillich
  • Rob Coope helping with transport in 2013 Dùn Coillich
  • BBQ October 2016 Dùn Coillich
  • Juniper Dùn Coillich
  • Moth Trap overnight 25/26 Sept Dùn Coillich
  • Badger Dùn Coillich
  • Grandtully Primary School and the SNH camera trap project
  • Sandra Winter working on Trish's enclosure in 2013 Dùn Coillich
  • First Aid Rural Skills 3
  • Fence wire transport on the contraption Dùn Coillich
  • Witches' Butter (Exidia glandulosa) Dùn Coillich
  • Food for Beaver Scouts after their hard work at Dùn Coillich
  • Moth caught in the moth trap overnight. (25-26/9/17) Dùn Coillich
  • Bog Asphodel Dùn Coillich
  • Braes of Foss working party 20170309 Dùn Coillich
  • Sneezewort Dùn Coillich
  • Route marking: Dùn Coillich
  • Dyke building Sep 2017
  • Elderberry Dùn Coillich
  • Braes of Foss working party 20170309 Dùn Coillich
  • Work Party March 2017: tree planting Dùn Coillich
  • Club Moss (Lycopodium) Dùn Coillich
  • Northern Eggar Moth caterpillar near the Allt Mor (30/5/17)
  • Allt Mohr: Dùn Coillich
  • Petty Whin Dùn Coillich
  • Tree Growth Dùn Coillich
  • BBQ Autumn 2016 Dùn Coillich
  • School group with Professor Russell Coope 2012 Dùn Coillich
  • Beavers Dùn Coillich
  • Puss Moth caterpillar Dùn Coillich
  • Sundew Dùn Coillich
  • Wire transport for fencing 2013 Dùn Coillich
  • Northern Eggar Moth caterpillar Dùn Coillich
  • Beavers Dùn Coillich
  • White Dome Cap Dùn Coillich
  • Having a break from work 2013 Dùn Coillich
  • Britains heaviest spider, the 4-spot orb-weaver Araneus Quadratus DC 20170905

Where to walk?

Anywhere you like. Enjoy your walk, the views, the wildlife, and the countryside you are in. But watch where you walk - there are holes, flowers, and ground nesting birds. You are responsible for your own safety. Walking tip - keep a survival blanket in your backpack and a whistle in your pocket.

» Download a map showing paths and parking areas (2.4MB pdf).

Mobile Phone?

Be aware that many parts of the hill have no phone coverage.

Got a Dog?

Great, but please keep it under control. From March to July, keep it on a lead to avoid disturbing ground-nesting pipits, larks, merlin, grouse, short-eared owl, etc.


Suggested routes are marked on the map. All start at footbridge below main carpark but are not "constructed" paths. Surfaces are often uneven. Off route, there may also be holes. Many will be natural cavities created by water. Others result from "mounding" for tree planting. TAKE CARE.


In and near the ponds, soil may be soft. Don't lose your boot! TAKE CARE.


If you are quiet, you may see adders when they are still warming up in the morning sunshine. Watch, enjoy, and photograph, but do not touch or alarm them. If you or your dog is bitten, don’t panic. Leave the hill, and seek prompt medical attention.


Ticks are here as elsewhere, some carry Lyme disease. Check yourself and your children when you get home. If you find any, deal with them properly. Be Tick Aware.


Many to see and enjoy, but please don’t pick them or dig them up.


Many to see and enjoy. If you see blackcock displaying on a lek, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the spectacle with your binoculars, use a long range lens on your camera, and please try not to disturb them.


Until trees are further established, shooting must sometimes take place, at differing times and locations. Cullers will never put people at risk, so relax.

Interesting experiences/sightings?

Send them to our website www.hpclt.org. Want to see some recent photos? Put Dùn Coillich in Facebook search box. Want to know more, become a Trust member, or volunteer for activities on the land? Go to www.hpclt.org, email info@hpclt.org, or phone 01882 632212/ 01887 820315.

Enjoy your walk


If you have a problem and need help, call 999 and ask for Police. They are responsible for all land based rescues and will alert Mountain Rescue Team etc. They will need to know where you are; you may not know your own Grid Reference but you can still help by giving your position relative to a recognisable point such as Dùn Coillich Carpark (NN769 529), or Whitebridge Cottage carpark (NN773 539) - marked as Kissing gate on map, or Braes of Foss-Schiehallion Carpark (NN753 556). You probably started your walk at one of these three places.

» Download this information as a pdf file (179kb pdf)

» Download a map showing paths and parking areas (2.4mb pdf)