Legal status and trustees

  • BBQ Autumn 2016 Dùn Coillich
  • Beavers Dùn Coillich
  • Glengoulandie dam: Dùn Coillich
  • Rob Coope helping with transport in 2013 Dùn Coillich
  • Planting trees
  • Rural Skills Course 3
  • Fence wire transport on the contraption Dùn Coillich
  • Route marking: Dùn Coillich
  • Tree Growth Dùn Coillich
  • Visitor hut. Posters, information sheets and books are available for the use of school parties and other visitors
  • Learning maintenance skills as part of the Rural Skills Training
  • Rural Skills Course 3
  • Repairing walls. Deer need to be controlled to protect the trees
  • First Aid Rural Skills 3
  • BBQ October 2016 Dùn Coillich
  • All geared up - learning maintenance skills as part of the Rural Skills Training
  • Braes of Foss working party 20170309 Dùn Coillich
  • Fence repairs
  • Joint working party with John Muir Trust in 2013 — at Dùn Coillich
  • Rural Skills Training trainee in action
  • The Hydro Scheme provides the Trust with an annual income. The scheme takes water from Dùn Coillich
  • Fungus Hunt Dùn Coillich August 2017
  • Strimming - learning maintenance skills as part of the Rural Skills Training
  • Willie McGhee Andy Walker Holly
  • Having a break from work 2013 Dùn Coillich
  • Improving access
  • Rural Skills Course 3
  • Fencing volunteers in 2013 — Dùn Coillich
  • Work Party March 2017: tree planting Dùn Coillich
  • Braes of Foss working party 20170309 Dùn Coillich
  • First Aid Rural Skills 3
  • Dyke building Sep 2017
  • Dyke building Sep 2017
  • Braes of Foss working party 20170309 Dùn Coillich
  • Dùn Coillich - for the people
  • Rural Skills Course 3
  • Rural Skills Trainees learning how to do dry stane dyking
  • Fencing Dùn Coillich
  • Dùn Coillich signage
  • Wire transport for fencing 2013 Dùn Coillich
  • Sandra Winter working on Trish's enclosure in 2013 Dùn Coillich
  • Bracken Harvest: Dùn Coillich
  • Food for Beaver Scouts after their hard work at Dùn Coillich

Legal status

The Highland Perthshire Communities Land Trust (HPCLT) is a Scottish Charity (Scottish Charity Number SC032801) and a Scottish Guarantee Company (Company Number SC227934). The inaugural meeting of the HPCLT was held on 27th March 2002. The Memorandum and Articles of Association outline the legalities of the HPCLT including objectives, powers, liabilities, membership, meetings, votes, trustees and accounting procedures.


Trustees are elected once a year at the Annual General Meeting.

The 2018-2019 trustees are:

  • Andrew Walker (Chairman)
  • Mike Nixon (Treasurer)
  • Margaret Jarvis
  • Bill Hoare
  • Richard Rees
  • Emma O'Shea
  • Jeannie Grant
  • Bobby Wardle
  • Kelsey Wilson
  • John Marshall
  • James Bank (co-opted)
  • Izzy Filor (co-opted)

The next AGM will be held in the spring of 2019

Download the form to nominate a Trustee here.

Company Secretary and Registered Office address

J. & H. Mitchell W.S.
Solicitors and Estate Agents
51 Atholl Road
PH16 5BU

Correspondence address

For general correspondence, please contact:

Bill Hoare
Laurenbank House
Kenmore Road
PH15 2BY

To contact us regarding membership or donations, please use our contact us page.