Revised Articles of Association

HPCLT's Articles of Association were written in 2002. Much has changed since then, including much Company and Charity Law. The opportunity was therefore taken to update the Trust's Articles. You can download the final draft of the Revised Articles of Association here.

The philosophy of the Trust, as shown in its Charitable Purposes, has not changed although the wording is a little different. Account has been taken of changes to legislation. Membership categories have been simplified, as have Trustee retiral requirements. Greater use of electronic means of communication will be permitted.

OSCR have approved the draft changes, as have the Trustees. At an EGM to be held immediately prior to an AGM at 2.00pm on 24th March 2018 at Kynachan Hall, Tummel Bridge, Members present, and any proxies, will be asked to vote upon a Special Resolution to adopt this Draft. If approved, it will come into effect immediately.

Detail about the EGM/AGM will be publicised shortly.