The Highland Perthshire Communities Land Trust

  • Dùn Coillich signage
  • Rural Skills Training trainee in action
  • Planting trees
  • Learning maintenance skills as part of the Rural Skills Training
  • Badger (Meles meles) caught on camera trap
  • Placing a camera trap to see what birds and other animals are on the move on Dùn Coillich
  • Improving access
  • Strimming - learning maintenance skills as part of the Rural Skills Training
  • Fence repairs
  • Repairing walls. Deer need to be controlled to protect the trees
  • Dùn Coillich - for the people
  • There is a mink raft on Dùn Coillich which is there to check for the tracks of mink in clay
  • All geared up - learning maintenance skills as part of the Rural Skills Training
  • Viewing the Black Grouse lek on Dùn Coillich
  • The Hydro Scheme provides the Trust with an annual income. The scheme takes water from Dùn Coillich
  • Visitor hut. Posters, information sheets and books are available for the use of school parties and other visitors
  • Rural Skills Trainees learning how to do dry stane dyking

The Highland Perthshire Communities Land Trust (HPCLT) was formed in 2002 and in May that year announced the successful purchase of Dùn Coillich.

Dùn Coillich is approximately 1,100 acres of hill ground situated between the Tay and Tummel straths, east of Schiehallion, about six miles north-west of Aberfeldy, in Highland Perthshire, Scotland. See location and directions.

The purchase of Dùn Coillich represents the first ever successful community land purchase in the Perthshire Highlands. The purchase was made possible entirely by generous contributions, both large and small, from the community.

The local community has now undertaken to manage this land for the benefit of all in Highland Perthshire and beyond. With this initiative, interested communities and groups are coming together and working in partnership, creating a resource that will help improve the quality of life - educationally, environmentally, socially and economically. As a result of this community venture, Dùn Coillich now belongs to everyone in the area.